His Story

My husband was married for ten years to his ex-wife. They had two children together during that time. While both of them worked in the healthcare industry, SaneHubby did all of the child rearing on top of his demanding career. TheHornedOne (as we call his ex) simply couldn’t be bothered with raising the children. Instead, she preferred to gamble their money away (upwards of $10,000 per month!), booze and smoke, and go on “work trips” out of town. A “work trip” was really code for: “I’m going to go and meet up with one of my numerous boyfriends and cheat on you, and there’s nothing you can do about it”.

One night while on one of these “trips”, she accidentally butt-dialed SaneHubby and he heard allllllll of the action. He had had his suspicions for quite some time, but now here was real proof. Later, during their divorce proceedings, he would hire a PI to follow her on one of her “trips”. That evidence was produced in court. When asked if that was her boyfriend who was kissing and hugging her in the video, her response was, “which one?”

What ultimately led to their divorce was the physical abuse TheHornedOne bestowed upon each child. For confidentiality reasons I will not describe the abuse and how it occurred, as the children are still minors. SaneHubby was able to file for emergency custody and TheHornedOne was ordered to leave the house. What followed was a 9-month long custody battle, including custody evaluations, psychological evaluations, the works. During their custody trial, a well-known psychiatrist diagnosed TheHornedOne as being “borderline with narcissistic traits”. For those of you in the mental health field, that’s about as ugly as it gets. TheHornedOne lost custody and was given minimal supervised parenting time. Oh, and she had to pay SaneHubby child support.

When SaneHubby and I met, he had been divorced for six years, and I had been divorced for five…..


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