Our Story

I love the way SaneHubby and I met. I had been living as a single parent, full-time employee, and full-time graduate student for five years. My child and I were doing just fine on our own. One day I was talking to my hairdresser about how I wasn’t able to meet anyone to date due to working full-time and being in graduate school. She recommended I try online dating. She said, “You don’t even have to answer any of the emails. It will help your self-esteem to get all of these emails in your in box telling you how beautiful you are. You can just delete them if they seem weird, but at the very least, it will put a smile on your face.” I didn’t really take her seriously, until a few weeks after that appointment. My parents were watching my child for me for the weekend so that I could finish my doctoral dissertation proposal. For those of you who have pursued such madness, it is a very stressful undertaking. Not for the faint of heart.

It was a Saturday night, and I was tired of reading research journals and typing on the computer. I half-heartedly signed up for match.com, not really thinking anything of it. I put up one picture, and filled out a few lines about myself. I then put it aside and went back to my dissertation work. The next morning, I checked my email and had 30 emails from Match! I clicked through each one and immediately hit the “delete” key when I read introductions like, “Hey Doc, will you be my doctor?”, and “I’m the one for you!”, and “I’m only 5’6″, but tall women turn me on!” I was furiously hitting the delete key when I came upon an email that simply said: “I beg to differ.” Curious, I opened it up and read the email. The sender was calling me out for saying I was the “World’s Greatest Hugger” in my post. Keep in mind, I wasn’t taking it seriously and was just putting random things in my intro. The sender didn’t have a picture, but he was obviously very articulate and educated. This was a huge bonus, considering all of the other emails had incredibly poor grammar and spelling. An instant turn-off.

I wrote him back, and thus ensued a fury of emails back and forth between us for the next three days. I then cautiously gave this man my phone number (again, I’m still not taking this online dating thing very seriously). After speaking once on the phone, he asked me to have dinner with him that weekend. My child would be with her father, so I said sure. I still had not seen a picture of him, and thought that I was seriously crazy to agree to a blind-date with a total stranger! To this day, I don’t know what I was thinking agreeing to go on a date with someone, sight unseen. As you can see though, that date worked out quite well. When I first saw SaneHubby, it was love at first sight. I know that sounds extremely cheesy, like something out of a Jennifer Aniston RomCom, but it’s true. I fell hard, and so did he.

SaneHubby was up front about his custody and parenting situation with his ex, and he shared with me that she was a diagnosed borderline. I told him that was no problem at all, as I had dealt with borderlines professionally for years. I could handle it. Little did I know that I was in for the wildest ride of my life! A few weeks after we started dating, I met The HornedOne for the first time….


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