One Invitation

SaneHubby’s oldest child is graduating from high school next week. What an amazing accomplishment, right? How wonderful! How great! He’s made it through this stage of life and onto the next! Yes, we are proud of him, but TheHornedOne (SaneHubby’s ex-wife) is using his graduation as an opportunity to take the stage. Remember, she is a diagnosed borderline, and they use every opportunity possible to take the attention off someone else and put it on themselves. It’s absolutely sickening, but she is planning on using the high school graduation for her benefit. She will parade around with her boyfriend (whom she refers to as her Domestic Associate…no, I’m not kidding), act like Mother Of The Year, embarrass herself in front of the kids, other family members, and friends. It’s all so nauseating to watch, but she just. can’t. help. herself.

What cracks me up is that she sent an email to SaneHubby that said something like this: “I’m FedExing you the ticket to graduation.” Huh, why would she do that? We already have our tickets; we received the tickets directly from the school. Anyway, I digress. When the FedEx envelope showed up on our doorstep yesterday, I opened it with mild curiosity, expecting to see something else in there (i.e. a Show Cause motion, as she likes to dump on us every month), but lo and behold, what was in the envelope? ONE ticket. Yes, one ticket, just for SaneHubby. You might be thinking oh, she just forgot to put another ticket in there for me, SaneWife, but nope, that was a very calculated move on her part.

Message received LOUD and CLEAR! Try as hard as she might to pretend like I don’t exist, I am indeed here and have  been helping to raise her children for the past 5 years.

So, this is a message to TheHornedOne, because I guarantee she is reading this (she cyberstalks me and therefore follows my every move via my IP address…more on that later): You will never, ever succeed in shutting me out of the children’s lives. Ever.


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